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The Last Room The Last Room, 2017, 7 min
Thomas Lim Kieko Suzuki, Thomas Lim Thomas Lim
Tokyo, Japan
There is a myth that in every hotel in Japan, the owners always leave a last room. A room that nobody will stay in: for the ghosts.
Horror Murder Mystery
The Village’s Bid for UFO The Village’s Bid for UFO, 2017, 24 min
Takuro Kotaka Takuro Kotaka Takuro Kotaka
Tokyo, Japan
The movie, The Village’s Bid for UFO, is a fictional documentary that was made by replacing public works like nuclear power plants with UFOs.
Experimental Fantasy Independent Political Reality Short
Mari Mari, 2017, 8 min
Thomas Lim Kieko Suzuki Thomas Lim
Tokyo, International
A strong willed single mother is discriminated against by everyone in her town, other than the illegal foreign worker who suffers the same fate as her.
Asian Drama Short Women
Lost in manboo Lost in manboo, 2015, 10 min
Jérôme Plan Esther Leburgue
Tokyo, Japan
The solitary life of japanese net refugees
Octopus Octopus, 2015, 25 min
Isamu Hirabayashi Takashi Nakamura
Tokyo, Japan
Squid have 10 legs. Octopuses have 8 legs. Added together, that’s 18 legs.
Asian Black Comedy Comedy Drama Independent Short
Corpse Party Corpse Party, 2015, 93 min
Masafumi Yamada Eisuke Aso Yoshimasa Akamatsu
Tokyo, Japan
A gory escape from the tortured souls in a cursed school.
Foreign Language Horror
手のひらを太陽に 手のひらを太陽に, 2015, 86 min
Translation: Palm to the sun
Tomohiko Iwasaki Makoto  Matsuzaki
Tokyo, Japan
Yoshio was social withdrawal in his boyhood,but one day he was attracted to puppet theater.
Action Adventure Animation Asian Children Comedy Drama Fantasy Foreign Language Independent Romance ...
Utsurou Utsurou, 2014, 98 min
Translation: Fading
Hiroaki Kubo Etsuji Taga
Tokyo, United States
Harsh romance influenced by bunch of old melodramas
Art-house Drama Foreign Language Independent Romance Women
Progetto Hebi Progetto Hebi, 2014, 57 min
Translation: Project Hebi
Alessandro Giacomo Capuzzi, Emanuele Dainotti Alessandro Giacomo Capuzzi, Emanuele Dainotti Alessandro Giacomo Capuzzi, Emanuele Dainotti
Tokyo, Japan
December 29th, 2012. The world is not over. Lele and Ale are in Tokyo to make their new movie.
Asian Documentary
Opposites Attract Opposites Attract, 2013, 21 min
Martin Burns Martin Burns
Tokyo, Japan
Do you believe in true love, or is it just a dream?
Comedy Drama Romance Short
Kotobuki Kotobuki, 2013, 15 min
Translation: To Us
Kimie Tanaka Kimie Tanaka Kimie Tanaka
Tokyo, Japan
A girl tries to find a place to be
Asian Drama Foreign Language Independent Romance Short
The Mantis on the Taxi The Mantis on the Taxi, 2011, 13 min
Koji Geronazzo Ogawa Koji Geronazzo Ogawa
Tokyo, Japan
Boy who does not know who is in reality
Experimental Horror Short
King of Tokyo King of Tokyo, 2010, 100 min
Tokyo, United Kingdom
Sex, drugs, and chess in Tokyo. Don't miss out on the combination.
High/Low High/Low, 2009, 12 min
Fabien Dubois Colin Vettier, Fabien Dubois
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo. two brothers.
Drama French Independent
You know more that You know more that, 2008, 50 min
Shinya Kitamura
Tokyo, Japan
About Japanese communication
Documentary Experimental
Dark & Light Dark & Light, 2005, 12 min
Tokyo, Japan
The daily reality of the racism and pleasantries experienced by two foreign women living in Tokyo, Japan. One an underground rocker in the Tokyo band scene. The other a financially secure fashion loving expat.
Asian Comedy Independant Short