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Sweet discomfort of missed connections Sweet discomfort of missed connections, 2018, 14 min
Hussen Ibraheem Hussen Ibraheem
Beirut, Lebanon
Sweet discomfort of missed connections
Black Comedy Comedy Drama
Figments Figments, 2017, 8 min
Julien Mtanios
beirut, Lebanon
an illusion lies between two married couple
Drama Fantasy
Surrounded Surrounded, 2016, 18 min
Alaa Fadel Alaa Fadel
Beirut, Lebanon
Alaa and Wassim exploring their country's history with new intentions
أحلام تائهة أحلام تائهة, 2016, 23 min
Translation: Wandering dreams
Shadi Zeidan Shadi Zeidan Shadi Zeidan
beirut, Lebanon
film about the past.present and future dreams of the eastern refugees in Germany
Political Reality War
Jamil a Flying Soul Jamil a Flying Soul, 2015, 57 min
Beirut, Lebanon
The biography of Dr. Jamil Zogheib and his struggle with ALS
نقطة نقطة, 2015, 16 min
Translation: Full stop
Beirut, Lebanon
Wajdi is leaving his home country.
Foreign Language Independent Short Travel
Florentina Florentina, 2015, 13 min
Beirut, Lebanon
Revolution of the countries and the self.
Drama Foreign Language Independent Short War Women
Najla Najla, 2015, 15 min
Dina Nawfal
beirut, Lebanon
Najla Daher , poor woman works as a security guard , lives with her daughter. She visits each Sunday the racecourse hoping to win the grand prize
Documentary Reality Women
الارض التي جف ماؤها الارض التي جف ماؤها, 2014, 12 min
Translation: The Drought Land
Assaad Khoueiry Assaad Khoueiry
Beirut, Lebanon
A man, a plant and a city.
Independent Science Fiction Short Silent Student
Bang Bang Bang Bang, 2014, 24 min
Saint Joseph University IESAV
Beirut, Lebanon
The end of a love story
Drama Foreign Language Musical Romance Short Women
Waynon Void Waynon Void, 2014, 75 min
Salim Habr Nicolas Khabbaz, Sam Lahoud
Beirut, Lebanon
Post war Lebanese Film
Drama Foreign Language Independent
بقايا بقايا, 2014, 18 min
Translation: Remains
Mohamed Berro Michel Bejjani
Beirut, Lebanon
A study on the use of violence
Art-house Crime Documentary Drama Experimental Foreign Language
Souffle Souffle, 2014, 10 min
Translation: Breath
Carole Abboud, Cynthia Kasparian Carole Abboud
Beirut, Lebanon
A man is stuck in his car, yet all doors are unlocked.
Drama Experimental
We cannot go there now, my Dear We cannot go there now, my Dear, 2014, 42 min
Carol Mansour Carol Mansour, Muna Khalidi
Beirut, Lebanon
Double-refugee burden: Palestinian refugees fleeing from Syria
Documentary War
Beirut Hanan Beirut Beirut Hanan Beirut, 2014, 50 min
Patrick Issa Patrick Issa
Beirut, Lebanon
Cultural exchange - women rights -
Documentary Independent Reality
Hend Hend, 2014, 1427 min
Stephanie Bou Habib
Beirut, Lebanon
Cherif has devoted his life to taking care of his ailing mother until, one night, he is confronted with a difficult choice.
Drama Reality Romance Short Women
Sammayto Hobb Sammayto Hobb, 2013, 9 min
Translation: I call it Love
Elsy Hajjar Elsy Hajjar
beirut, Lebanon
a story of the encounter of two girls
Art-house Drama Experimental Fantasy Foreign Language Gay and Lesbian Independent Romance Short Student Women ...
A sacrifice A sacrifice, 2013, 5 min
Steve Khattar Steve Khattar
beirut, Lebanon
Behind every abortion is a real woman's life and her story
Drama Reality Short Student
Behind a Veil Behind a Veil, 2012, 14 min
Dima Jammal
Beirut, Lebanon
Social Drama issue
Drama Romance Short Student
Behind me olive trees Behind me olive trees, 2012, 20 min
Ghassan Kairouz
Beirut, Lebanon
finding her belonging
Documentary Drama Foreign Language Independent Reality Short Student War ...