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Dance of the porcelain demons Dance of the porcelain demons, 2019, 14 min
Cat Watson Neil Clements Cat Watson
Radič, Czech Republic
A little girl's porcelain dolls come to life, but her imaginary friends aren't so friendly.
Art-house Fantasy Ghost Horror Student Supernatural
Cancrelat Cancrelat, 2019, 13 min
Stephan Bookas Stephan Bookas Stephan Bookas
Prague, Czech Republic
A woman in Prague reads Kafka's Metamorphosis finds herself transformed into a bug and desperate to become human again.
Black Comedy Comedy Drama Fantasy Short Supernatural
Unchaste Unchaste, 2018, 5 min
Gautam Charles Gautam Charles Gautam Charles
Prague, Czech Republic
A priest with a dark past
Generation N: Deutschböhme Generation N: Deutschböhme, 2017, 83 min
Veronika Kupkova Veronika Kupkova
Preßnitz, Bilin, Trupschitz, Klosterle, Czech Republic
Czech-German historical taboo spoken openly
Documentary Educational Foreign Language Historical Independent Political
Counting Stars Counting Stars, 2016, 10 min
Maanavi Bedi Maanavi Bedi
Prague, Czech Republic
A heartwarming story about a complicated relationship, showcasing a bond between a nine year old girl; grown before her time; and her mother.
Children Drama Independent Short Student
CZizincII CZizincII, 2016, 89 min
Translation: Wemigrants
António Pedro Nobre, Emanuele Ruggiero Emanuele Ruggiero
Brno, Czech Republic
the life in Czech Republic, seen through the eyes of Foreigners living here, as well as Czech immigrants who lived or still live abroad.
Documentary Foreign Language Historical
Red Roofs Red Roofs, 2016, 100 min
Prague, Czech Republic
Freedom of Speech and Censorship in Cinema
Documentary Foreign Language Historical Independent
Milenec Milenec, 2014, 3 min
Translation: Lover
Tomas Vorel
Film about man and his usual day. Or maby not that usual.
Hyena Hyena, 2014, 16 min
Davek Carrizosa Davek
Pisek, Czech Republic
Is it worth to take a risk?
The Entangled The Entangled, 2014, 9 min
Stanislav Sekela Jakub Slama
Prague, Czech Republic
An animated drama about the strong connection between two lovers from the plant life.
Animation Drama Romance Short Student
Slusna nahoda Slusna nahoda, 2014, 60 min
Gangster action movie
Trýzeň Trýzeň, 2014, 19 min
Translation: Torment
Jakub Sládek Martina Balážová
Prague, Czech Republic
An artist, obsesed with his work.
Comedy Drama Experimental Foreign Language Horror Independent Romance Short Thriller ...
Someone has to die Someone has to die, 2014, 11 min
Vojta Komarek Donika Žánová
Duel of honour
Comedy Drama Short Student
REFLECTION in the EYE of a DEAD FISH REFLECTION in the EYE of a DEAD FISH, 2014, 22 min
Lewis Häusler Beat Lowensberg
Prague, Czech Republic
A parable on first love and fishing after the fall of Soviet Communism.
Drama Foreign Language Independent Reality Romance Short
Hlubina Hlubina, 2013, 20 min
Translation: The Abyss
Martin Jašek FMK UTB
Zlín, Czech Republic
a minimalistic and meditative portrait of one young man´s inner world with its dark places and hidden treasures.
Art-house Experimental Independent Short Student
Poutník Poutník, 2013, 90 min
Translation: Pilgrim
Martina Chwistková
Pilgrim, heroe´s simbolic journey.
Animation Experimental Student
Mademoiselle Nimsi Mademoiselle Nimsi, 2013, 3 min
Dave Lojek Dave Lojek Dave Lojek
Prague, Czech Republic
Your mind is the trap.
Comedy Drama Experimental Fantasy Independent Music Video Reality Short Silent Women ...
Coexistence Coexistence, 2012, 5 min
Jakub Sládek Jakub Sládek
Prague, Czech Republic
Bizzare film about relationships.
Art-house Experimental Independent Romance Short Silent
Simple Simple, 2012, 1 min
Prague, Czech Republic
A short but great drama of unrequited love.
Action Animation Comedy Fantasy Short Student
From Cherries to Cherries From Cherries to Cherries, 2011, 57 min
Jana Borskova
Prague, Czech Republic
Intimate portrait