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Murder Mystery Murder Mystery, 2019, 120 min
James Vanderbilt
mysterios murder in a millionaire world
All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love, 2019, 100 min
Richard Curtis
Plot kept under wraps. Believed to be musically themed and be set around the 1960s or 1970s.
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, 2019, 100 min
Stephen Gaghan, Thomas Shepherd
Feature film based on the books of The Voyage of Dr Doolittle
Il Nome della Rosa Il Nome della Rosa, 2019, 120 min
Translation: The Name of the Rose
Umberto Eco's Novel
Ravers Ravers, 2019, 120 min
Luke Foster
Horror Comedy around an illegal rave that goes wrong.
Artemis Fowl Artemis Fowl, 2019, 120 min
Conor McPherson, Eoin Colfer, Michael Goldenberg
Artemis Fowl
Angel has fallen Angel has fallen, 2019, 120 min
Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt
Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is framed for the attempted assassination of the President and must evade his own agency.
Scuttlers Scuttlers, 2019, 100 min
Salem Kapsaski
Manchester, United Kingdom
Horror film set in Victorian Manchester.
Drama Gangster Horror Thriller
Dumbo Dumbo, 2019, 130 min
Ehren Kruger
Tim Burton-esque remake of the Disney classic
Kill Mode Kill Mode, 2019, 15 min
Paul Harrison Magda Kwapisiewicz, Paul Harrison Paul Harrison
London, United Kingdom
At night killers plot...
Wild Geese Wild Geese, 2018, 12 min
Susan Jacobsen Grant Vidgen
Premiering at Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in Toronto on the 29th May.
Lean Team Lean Team, 2018, 15 min
Martin Elesheku/Jesse Atta-Hayford Martin Elesheku/Jesse Atta-Hayford
A comedy drama film about the drug fuelled misadventures of two meandering teens, Peter and Denzel.
One Shot of Life One Shot of Life, 2018, 12 min
Seyed Karim Ghasemzadeh Seyed Karim Ghasemzadeh
War upon War
Smart People Smart People, 2018, 16 min
Gbenga Saka Gbenga Saka
Insight into how technology is shaping our modern society.
The muse The muse, 2018, 15 min
Cool and a funny gang film
The Land in My Blood The Land in My Blood, 2018, 6 min
The Land in My Blood
Tailor Made - Sam's Tailor - Hong Kong Tailor Made - Sam's Tailor - Hong Kong, 2018, 20 min
Behind the scenes at Sam's Tailor - one of the best bespoke tailors in the world.
Vibrant Visual Production Vibrant Visual Production, 2018, 130 min
Translation: Aadat
A Bollywood sensation with Indian high quality stars.
Football Beyond Borders - Football For All Football Beyond Borders - Football Fo..., 2018, 5 min
Jake Young Jake Young
Short content film for FBB's Annual Showcase - Football for All
Ideal Date Ideal Date, 2018, 10 min
finding the right date when trans