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宇宙の法―黎明編― 宇宙の法―黎明編―, 2018, 120 min
Translation: The Laws of the Universe-Part I
Isamu Imakake Hisaaki Takeuchi
Astonishing animation film, seeking the true genesis of humankind, which is portrayed with magnificent scale, the main character travels back to 330 million years ago to protect the Earth against invaders from the dark-side of the universe.
Action Animation
The Village’s Bid for UFO The Village’s Bid for UFO, 2017, 24 min
Takuro Kotaka Takuro Kotaka Takuro Kotaka
Tokyo, Japan
The movie, The Village’s Bid for UFO, is a fictional documentary that was made by replacing public works like nuclear power plants with UFOs.
Experimental Fantasy Independent Political Reality Short
The Last Room The Last Room, 2017, 7 min
Thomas Lim Kieko Suzuki, Thomas Lim Thomas Lim
Tokyo, Japan
There is a myth that in every hotel in Japan, the owners always leave a last room. A room that nobody will stay in: for the ghosts.
Horror Murder Mystery
Ishinomaki Rock n' Roll City Ishinomaki Rock n' Roll City, 2016, 15 min
Federico Aletta Federico Aletta
Ishinomaki, Japan
A personal journey to Ishinomaki, Japan. The city most devastated by one of the biggest Tsunamis ever.
Ukon the Samurai Ukon the Samurai, 2016, 37 min
Lia Beltrami Andrea Morghen
Kyoto, Nara, Kanazawa, Japan
The way of the sward, the way of the cross
Documentary Historical Travel
Craft Beer in Japan Craft Beer in Japan, 2016, 28 min
Maarten Roos Rob LoBreglio
A view of the Craft Beer movement in Japan
Corpse Party Corpse Party, 2015, 93 min
Masafumi Yamada Eisuke Aso Yoshimasa Akamatsu
Tokyo, Japan
A gory escape from the tortured souls in a cursed school.
Foreign Language Horror
Lost in manboo Lost in manboo, 2015, 10 min
Jérôme Plan Esther Leburgue
Tokyo, Japan
The solitary life of japanese net refugees
Matsudo: Ebb+Flow Matsudo: Ebb+Flow, 2015, 630 min
Matt Sheridan Matt Sheridan
Matsudo, Japan
Matsudo Ebb+Flow is an intimate cinematic portrait of a Japanese town via abstract animation projected into its interior spaces.
Animation Art-house Asian Documentary Experimental Historical
手のひらを太陽に 手のひらを太陽に, 2015, 86 min
Translation: Palm to the sun
Tomohiko Iwasaki Makoto  Matsuzaki
Tokyo, Japan
Yoshio was social withdrawal in his boyhood,but one day he was attracted to puppet theater.
Action Adventure Animation Asian Children Comedy Drama Fantasy Foreign Language Independent Romance ...
Octopus Octopus, 2015, 25 min
Isamu Hirabayashi Takashi Nakamura
Tokyo, Japan
Squid have 10 legs. Octopuses have 8 legs. Added together, that’s 18 legs.
Asian Black Comedy Comedy Drama Independent Short
Mototanaka Dérive Mototanaka Dérive, 2014, 5 min
Michael Lyons
Kyoto, Japan
Documents an aimless walk through one of Kyoto's former outcaste neighbourhoods.
Documentary Experimental
Progetto Hebi Progetto Hebi, 2014, 57 min
Translation: Project Hebi
Alessandro Giacomo Capuzzi, Emanuele Dainotti Alessandro Giacomo Capuzzi, Emanuele Dainotti Alessandro Giacomo Capuzzi, Emanuele Dainotti
Tokyo, Japan
December 29th, 2012. The world is not over. Lele and Ale are in Tokyo to make their new movie.
Asian Documentary
Ishinomaki Ishinomaki, 2014, 30 min
Ishinomaki, Japan
A personal journey to one of the most devastated city in Japan after the tsunami of 2011
Kotobuki Kotobuki, 2013, 15 min
Translation: To Us
Kimie Tanaka Kimie Tanaka Kimie Tanaka
Tokyo, Japan
A girl tries to find a place to be
Asian Drama Foreign Language Independent Romance Short
Star child Star child, 2013, 80 min
Hikaru Horii Hikaru Horii
film based on an idea of Consciousness-only
Action Adventure Asian Comedy Drama Science Fiction
Opposites Attract Opposites Attract, 2013, 21 min
Martin Burns Martin Burns
Tokyo, Japan
Do you believe in true love, or is it just a dream?
Comedy Drama Romance Short
Negative: Nothing - Step by Step for Japan Negative: Nothing - Step by Step for ..., 2012, 78 min
Jan Knuesel, Stephan Knuesel Jan Knuesel, Stephan Knuesel Jan Knuesel, Stephan Knuesel
The inspiring journey of a Swiss man walking 1800 miles across Japan after the Tsunami in 2011.
Three Days in Kamakura Three Days in Kamakura, 2012, 20 min
Yokohama, Japan
A lost child, a searching couple. Coincidence?
The Mantis on the Taxi The Mantis on the Taxi, 2011, 13 min
Koji Geronazzo Ogawa Koji Geronazzo Ogawa
Tokyo, Japan
Boy who does not know who is in reality
Experimental Horror Short