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That Is The Way To Show The World That Is The Way To Show The World, 2018, 2 min
Wan Kum Wah Wan Kum Wah Wan Kum Wah
Singapore, Singapore
Local Dessert Delicacy 3D Animation MTV for all ages
Animation Children Family Music Video
True Colours True Colours, 2018, 30 min
Vijay jodha Vijay jodha
Singapore, Singapore
A celebration of differently abled performing artists.
Asian Documentary Educational Musical
Approved Approved, 2017, 8 min
Gokul Vasudevan, Tejas Ewing Show Don't Tell Productions Tejas Ewing
Singapore, Singapore
A man sentences himself to death, and then tries to escape his fate.
Asian Independent Noir Science Fiction Short Thriller
My Friends My Friends, 2017, 3 min
Richard Wan Kum Wah Richard Wan Kum Wah Richard Wan Kum Wah
Singapore, Singapore
Children Song about Friendship
Animation Asian Children Educational Music Video Student
Crime ii Crime ii, 2017, 13 min
Gauraangi Chopra Gauraangi Chopra Gauraangi Chopra
singapore, Singapore
A mentally disturbed young girl identifies her mother's murderer.
Crime Drama Murder Mystery Mystery Short Thriller
Fishes in the Galaxy Fishes in the Galaxy, 2017, 7 min
Mirko Jeck Cera Goh, Nikko Koh Leroy Lim, Therena Mak
Singapore, Singapore
What would you do if you had a second chance to reconnect with someone previously important to you?
Experimental Student
十九 十九, 2016, 16 min
Translation: The 19th
Nikko Koh Cera Goh
Singapore, Singapore
Ailing is forced to take care of her estranged Mother in Law, Xiu Lan. Their differing outlook on life turns out to be more than what Ailing can withstand.
Drama Family Short Student
The 19th The 19th, 2016, 16 min
Nikko Koh
Singapore, Singapore
Ailing is forced to take care of her estranged Mother in Law, Xiu Lan. Their differing outlook on life turns out to be more than what Ailing can withstand.
Drama Family Short Student
Monstrosity Monstrosity, 2016, 12 min
James Rowlins Jack Hyde Jack Hyde
Singapore, Singapore
This is as real as real can get
Black Crime Horror Short Thriller
Post mortem Post mortem, 2016, 15 min
Nazurah Zulfakir Nazurah Zulfakir
Singapore, Singapore
An informational documentary on the lives & philosophies of funeral professionals.
Asian Documentary Independent Reality Short Student
Calabash and Durian Calabash and Durian, 2016, 20 min
Jiahui Zheng
Singapore, Singapore
It is a narrative short film but experimenting with surrealist art style exploring linearity and non-linearity, realism and surrealism, and technological development.
Experimental Gay and Lesbian Historical
A day in Blk 815 A day in Blk 815, 2015, 12 min
Zhao Shi Qing Cera Goh
Singapore, Singapore
A fantasy short between THE GIRL who is the bread winner in her family and MR CHEN who is a famous chef before, the two unlikely pair unfold an allegorical story in BLK 815.
Drama Family Fantasy Short Student
The Anniversary The Anniversary, 2015, 6 min
Pearl Centre, Singapore
Detective/cop genre
Asian Horror Supernatural
Dream of Emerald Hill Dream of Emerald Hill, 2015, 10 min
Mingyu Lin Jennifer Lim Daniel York
Singapore, Singapore
Snapshots of pioneer actress based on true events
Asian Drama Historical Independent Short Women
The L Market The L Market, 2015, 536 min
Alexandra Hsu Alexandra Hsu, AP Tan Alexandra Hsu
Singapore, Singapore
Maxine Pao is a Chinese woman whose parents try to find her a spouse at the Chinese Love Market.
Asian Comedy Drama Foreign Language Independent Short
Nomophobe Nomophobe, 2014, 13 min
Jason Lin
A boy recalls a regretful encounter with a schoolmate.
Art-house Drama Experimental Independent Mystery Romance Short ...
享 , 2014, 3 min
Translation: Present
Chew Keng Hao, Teo Qi Yu Charles Looi, Chew Keng Hao, Teo Qi Yu
SINGAPORE, Singapore
The film starts in the day when Yun Ci, an 18-year-old school girl, is forced to help out a local disabled organization during their flag day due to her school requirements.
Asian Drama Independent Short Student Women
Stranger By Night Stranger By Night, 2014, 7 min
Clare Chong Clare Chong, Lloyd Koh Clare Chong
Singapore, Singapore
Stranger By Night observes the humdrum life of Lim Poh Huat, one so dull that his absurd encounter with three strangers in the same evening is something worth mentioning.
Adventure Comedy Documentary Fantasy Independent Short
Despondent Despondent, 2014, 4 min
Fiona Lai Charles Looi
singapore, Singapore
A lady in her mid-20s finds herself pregnant and in complete despair after a one-night stand.
Art-house Asian Experimental Fantasy Independent Short
Derailed Derailed, 2014, 4 min
Chew Keng Hao Rachel Tan Xin Yi
SINGAPORE, Singapore
An aberration from the truth leads to the path of mental derangement
Art-house Asian Experimental Independent Short Student