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The Last Consultation The Last Consultation, 2018, 10 min
Sarunas Kemeklis Sarunas Kemeklis
bereaved and aggrieved
Shadow Shadow, 2017, 15 min
Ahmad Zaraket Ahmad Zaraket
Tyre, Lebanon
That night, pain reached its apex!
Drama Independent Mystery Short Student Thriller
Meet Your Keeper Meet Your Keeper, 2017, 11 min
Tim Benjamin Lydia Wheatley, Tim Benjamin
Manchester, United Kingdom
A strange object falls from the sky
Science Fiction
Sita Sita, 2017, 6 min
Translation: The Woman
Sandip Pratihar Sandip Pratihar Sandip Pratihar
Kolkata, India
Crime Short Women
Bhalla Brothers Presents Bhalla Brothers Presents, 2017, 23 min
Pankul Gupta Pankul Gupta
The struggles of an Indian independent filmmaker while completing his film in a cramped studio in Delhi, India.
Asian Black Comedy Drama
Look Look, 2017, 4 min
Meinardas Valkevicius Akvilė Bliujūtė
Vilnius, Lithuania
Animated film about human activity and our planet
Wonder Boy Wonder Boy, 2017, 6 min
Ben Molyneux-Chan Ben Molyneux-Chan, Thomas McNaught
Following a traumatising family event, Ben loses his relationship with reality – believing he possesses supernatural abilities, which he must hone.
My Friends My Friends, 2017, 3 min
Richard Wan Kum Wah Richard Wan Kum Wah Richard Wan Kum Wah
Singapore, Singapore
Children Song about Friendship
Animation Asian Children Educational Music Video Student
Susurrar es nada Susurrar es nada, 2017, 13 min
Translation: Whispering is Nothing
Derekk Ross Derekk Ross
Bath, United Kingdom
Bilingual (Spanish-English ) b/w film of Leontes/Camillo encounter in Shakespeare's 'The Winter's Tale'
Art-house Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent Short
Macoconi - As Raízes dos Nossos Filhos Macoconi - As Raízes dos Nossos Filhos, 2017, 35 min
Translation: Macoconi - The Roots of Our Children
Fábio Ribeiro Fernando Fernandes Ana Queiroz
Mozambique has the second largest mangrove area in Africa, but the unsustainable resource exploitation is causing it serious damages that might become irreversible.
Documentary Foreign Language
Postales desde el desierto Postales desde el desierto, 2017, 5 min
Translation: Postcards from the desert
Luis Francisco Pérez Luis Francisco Pérez Luis Francisco Pérez
Tabernas, Spain
Lack of love
Independent Romance Short
Taraash Taraash, 2017, 19 min
Ishan Siddiqui Carlotta Grimaldi
An unusual film collaboration between an Indian farmer and an international film crew.
Documentary Foreign Language Independent Student
We The Water We The Water, 2017, 20 min
Robert O'Haire Robert Yarra
New Orleans, United States
A documentary about Herbert Kearney, visionary artist and poet
She Said / He Said She Said / He Said, 2017, 6 min
Filmmakers Boot Camp Jeffrey Townsend
Walla Walla, United States
A short conversation, remembered two different ways... but can we trust either one?
Comedy Experimental Romance
As every morning As every morning, 2017, 22 min
Carlo Lavatori Chiara Alessi Chiara Alessi
Omegna, VB, Italy
The life and death of the Italian Coffee Making Culture
Documentary Experimental Historical Independent
L'oiseau rebelle L'oiseau rebelle, 2017, 38 min
Translation: Rebel bird
Julien Michel, Lucas Delesvaux Lucas Delesvaux
Lyon, France
It is a stalking story.
Drama French Romance Thriller Women
Never Far From Dixie Never Far From Dixie, 2017, 23 min
Valentin Moulias Valentin Moulias
Aube, France
Post American Civil war, a chase between three men : an angry American Confederate, a Federal Marshal and a slave trying to escape.
Action Western
Torpid Torpid, 2017, 8 min
saif baidya saif saif baidya saif saif baidya saif
MUMBAI-400061, India
Torpid is a 2017 short psychological thriller film by Saif Baidya.
Noir Short Student Thriller
A Teenage Year A Teenage Year, 2017, 18 min
Saif Baidya Saif Baidya, Shabnoor Saif, Shakib Saif Saif Baidya
MUMBAI-400061, India
"A Teenage Year" is a documentary movie based upon sex education.
Documentary Educational Short Student Teen
My Turtle Dove My Turtle Dove, 2017, 7 min
Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe Ashica Stephen, Jay Stephen, Ralph Briscoe
London, United Kingdom
A patriotic film celebrating diversity and tolerance in modern day Britain.
Art-house Documentary Gay and Lesbian Romance Short