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Mubekir Zilić Obarač ruke Mubekir Zilić Obarač ruke, 2019, 3 min
Translation: Mubekir Zilić. Arm Wrestler
Sanda Kolar Sanda Kolar
Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Young upcoming arm wrestling champion from Bosnia
Documentary Independent Sport
Life here & now Life here & now, 2019, 5 min
Ankana Pal Jhuma Mondal
Howrah, India
Focusing everyday life which we ignore
Children Experimental Family Independent Reality Short
Unseen Unseen, 2019, 20 min
Andrew Ogorodnikov Andrew Ogorodnikov, Dima Novikov Anton Shutov
You can get your own cat on which you won't have any allergies, you can climb to the top of a mountains, and even get to the sea you always dreamt of. It is almost the same as a real one, but your own, unseen.
Drama Fantasy Short
Watermark Watermark, 2019, 23 min
Rebecca Maddalo Daniel Leighton Rebecca Maddalo, Sarah Swingley
Los Angeles, United States
After moving in with her boyfriend, a woman is suddenly terrorized by her past and must confront her ghosts to move forward with her life.
Drama Short Student Thriller Women
Love in a Nutshell Love in a Nutshell, 2019, 21 min
Jimpa Bhutia Jimpa Bhutia Jimpa Bhutia
Noida, India
Sakshi fights and leaves Gaurav, and later gets to know that Gaurav is dead the same day she left him..
Drama Romance
Люди луннаго ​свѣта Люди луннаго ​свѣта, 2019, 14 min
Translation: Moonlight People
Dmitri Frolov Dmitri Frolov
St.Petersburg, Russia
Two completely traditional couples of lovers on a warm summer night make a kind of coming-out in front of each other, telling about their hidden impulses from a previous life.
Art-house Erotic Experimental Fantasy Gay and Lesbian Independent
Aquarium Aquarium, 2019, 14 min
Rohitaswa Mukherjee joyee roy Rohitaswa Mukherjee
journey of an woman and a fish
Drama Experimental Independent Noir Short Women
Fatality Fatality, 2019, 10 min
Vaibhav Gattani Vaibhav Gattani Vaibhav Gattani
Mumbai, India
To what extent can a human go when there is no food and water left in the world !
Resurrection Resurrection, 2019, 10 min
Sabine Crossen Sabine Crossen
Paris, France
We change our regard, we change our world
Toda Sombra Parece Viva Toda Sombra Parece Viva, 2019, 15 min
Translation: Every Shadow Seems Alive
Leandro Afonso Leandro Afonso Leandro Afonso
São Paulo, Brazil
The personification of a feeling
Educational Fantasy Horror Independent Mystery Thriller
Ne demande pas ton chemin Ne demande pas ton chemin, 2019, 17 min
Translation: Do not ask for your way
Déborah Hassoun Jonathan Hazan
Paris, France
Inès, 31 years old, wishes to leave her analyst.
Comedy Short
Amorphosis Amorphosis, 2019, 21 min
Noro Napravnik Noro Napravnik
London, United Kingdom
Beast rising.
Drama Experimental Horror Independent Short Supernatural
Mad max: exposed Mad max: exposed, 2019, 70 min
Daniel Peterson Daniel Peterson Daniel Peterson
MELBOURNE, Australia
A Factual Film about the first Mad Max.
Action Historical Independent
Le ciel, la terre et l’homme Le ciel, la terre et l’homme, 2018, 70 min
Caroline Reucker Götz Reinicke
The atmospheric documentary film tells in alternately episodes about the way of life in the moroccan desert.
Children Documentary Family Foreign Language National Natural History
Toto Toto, 2018, 10 min
Waqas Ahmed Irfan ur Raheem Waqas Ahmed
Lahore, Pakistan
Three friends decide to scare prank a girl.
Mystery Thriller
宇宙の法―黎明編― 宇宙の法―黎明編―, 2018, 120 min
Translation: The Laws of the Universe-Part I
Isamu Imakake Hisaaki Takeuchi
Astonishing animation film, seeking the true genesis of humankind, which is portrayed with magnificent scale, the main character travels back to 330 million years ago to protect the Earth against invaders from the dark-side of the universe.
Action Animation
Regarde Regarde, 2018, 1 min
Translation: Watch
Angers, France
film poétique et coup de poing sur la dureté notre société actuelle.
Educational Experimental Foreign Language French Music Video Musical
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis, 2018, 13 min
Desperate to end their suffering, an impoverished father seeks mercy killing of his diseased son.
Drama Experimental Family
Dei karthik Dei karthik, 2018, 11 min
Translation: Name of Boy
Abdul Zaheer
Chennai, India
Son protects mom from rape
Drama Family Foreign Language Gangster Short Thriller
Spare Change Spare Change, 2018, 24 min
Rodney Lee
Dublin, Ireland
Spare Change’ was developed from the true-life tales of the RADE participants and their first-hand accounts of the current housing crisis