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The Vampyre The Vampyre, 2019, 90 min
Rowan Ashe Rowan Ashe Rowan Ashe
London, United Kingdom
A young Englishman and his sister fall prey to a dark and malevolent force.
Action Adventure Horror
Mor Mor, 2018, 10 min
Severn Lang
Thank you to Papa John Founder MOR.
Unforgiven Truths Unforgiven Truths, 2018, 30 min
Tyler Cornelous
What would you do if your whole life was a lie? Anastasia doesn't have to wonder, as this is her life...
Fatal Premonitions Fatal Premonitions, 2018, 80 min
Karl survives an attack by a masked killer and is haunted by survivors remorse
Release Release, 2018, 15 min
Tyler Cornelous
A young man must stop the emotional trauma before the biological trauma continues.
2018 ICP Infinity Awards: Art - Samuel Fosso 2018 ICP Infinity Awards: Art - Samue..., 2018, 7 min
Samuel Fosso, a Cameroonian-born Nigerian photographer, reflects on his life’s work in self-portraiture.
Xanny Man Xanny Man, 2018, 9 min
Dillan Ponders confronts the Xanny Man
Killing Diaz Killing Diaz, 2018, 80 min
Five friends plot to murder an upstairs neighbor simply to avoid an awkward conversation.
Citizen erased Citizen erased, 2018, 120 min
About a girl been groomed
Big Top Evil Big Top Evil, 2018, 81 min
Girls stumble into a horror-filled circus
The Find The Find, 2018, 13 min
Kim Dijkstra
A wanderer in a desolate industrial landscape discovers something that can change his live forever.
Independent Mystery
Falling in Love with Lucy Falling in Love with Lucy, 2018, 12 min
Laurie Mc Laurie Mc
British Thriller
Black Star: Rebirth Is Necessary Black Star: Rebirth Is Necessary, 2018, 11 min
Director Jenn Nkiru authors a personal and powerful exploration of blackness.
BlacKkKlansman BlacKkKlansman, 2018, 135 min
Spike Lee
From visionary filmmaker Spike Lee comes the incredible true story of an American hero
A Prayer Before Dawn A Prayer Before Dawn, 2018, 120 min
Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire
The amazing true story of Billy Moore, an English boxer incarcerated in Thailand's most notorious prison
Dhol Ratti Dhol Ratti, 2018, 122 min
Shivam Sharma
movie encapsulates an emergency situation on the Punjab - Pakistan Border and how people live through it
Foreign Language
Thamizh Padam 2.0 Thamizh Padam 2.0, 2018, 145 min
Foreign Language
Teefa In Trouble Teefa In Trouble, 2018, 155 min
Ahsan Rahim
The son of a gangster enlists an enforcer to kidnap a woman for an arranged marriage.
Foreign Language
Dhadak Dhadak, 2018, 150 min
Shashank Khaitan
when two worlds collide; they become one.
Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal, 2018, 105 min
4 women take back Delhi.