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After Auschwitz After Auschwitz, 2016, 13 min
Paul Blinkhorn Paul Anderton, Steven Hutchinson Paul Blinkhorn
We are the living dead, no future, just the past.
Art-house Drama Historical Independent Jewish Political
The Unsuccessfuls The Unsuccessfuls, 2016, 100 min
Jonas Alexander
London, United Kingdom
Two actors, one city ... how hard can it be?
Brash Young Turks Brash Young Turks, 2016, 90 min
Ash Mahmood, Naeem Mahmood Ash Mahmood, Naeem Mahmood Ash Mahmood, Naeem Mahmood, Paul Danquah
London, United Kingdom
A gang of daring young go getters from the wrong side of the tracks fight against oppression, greed and adversity whilst aspiring to pursue their dreams
The Power The Power, 2016, 124 min
Paul Hills Mark Forstater, Paul Hills Paul Hills
London, United Kingdom
Magda Montaine, an anthropologist, is kidnapped by Satanists.
Birds Birds, 2016, 13 min
Felicity Boylett, Giorgi Tkemaladze Matt Brown Felicity Boylett, Giorgi Tkemaladze
Tbilisi, Georgia
‘Birds’ is a drama about a vulnerable young girl called Penny.
Art-house Children Drama Reality Short Student
Spidarlings Spidarlings, 2016, 120 min
Salem Kapsaski Gabriella Kapsaski, Salem Kapsaski Salem Kapsaski
London, United Kingdom
SPIDARLINGS is a LGBT Horror Musical by Salem Kapsaski with Music and Songs by Jeff Kristian
Art-house Black Comedy Comedy Gay and Lesbian Horror Independent
The Watcher Self The Watcher Self, 2016, 95 min
Matt Cruse Matt Cruse, Phil Macdonald Matt Cruse
London, United Kingdom
An unsettling psychosexual chiller written and directed by Matt Cruse about one woman's descent into hell.
Art-house Drama Horror Independent Thriller
Gangsters Gamblers Geezers Gangsters Gamblers Geezers, 2016, 103 min
amar adatia amar adatia amar adatia
Upcoming Britflick about two guys who have a wild 48hours in London trying to get some rent money
Action Black Black Comedy Comedy Independent National
Surviving Alba Surviving Alba, 2016, 98 min
Gemma Bradley
The arrival of a mysterious girl from space creates doubts among a crew crashed on planet Alba. Is she finally the rescue mission, or the greatest threat to their survival?
Four Wise Monkeys Four Wise Monkeys, 2016, 61 min
Julija Iruskinaite Julija Iruskinaite Julija Iruskinaite
London, United Kingdom
Shawn has always been a 'bad boy' but is now about to create a family of his own. When his repulsive best friend shows up it makes him doubt his decisions and turn to his dead parents to find out what evil truly is.
Drama Mystery
Redistributors Redistributors, 2016, 82 min
Adrian Tanner
London, United Kingdom
Political Thriller
Crime Political Thriller
Mob Handed Mob Handed, 2016, 100 min
Liam Galvin

Dependent's Day Dependent's Day, 2016, 84 min
Michael David Lynch Michael David Lynch Michael David Lynch
A comedy about a man trying to survive in a women's world.
I Want to Be Different: Metal Rock in Tajikistan I Want to Be Different: Metal Rock in..., 2016, 79 min
Roozbeh Ghasemi Roozbeh Ghasemi
Köln, Germany
Some young people of Dushanbe are turning to Hard Metal.
Documentary Musical
Purple Hill Purple Hill, 2016, 28 min
Tony Gardner Tony Gardner Tony Gardner
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
A young woman uncovers answers to how her sister died
Drama Short Thriller
Yes, but that's not all! Yes, but that's not all!, 2016, 30 min
Sara Kestelman Sara Kestelman Amanda Brennan, Sara Kestelman
London, United Kingdom
‘Yes, But That’s Not All!’ tells the story of a unique friendship between two women – one living with the effects of stroke, the other inspired by her courage and spirit.
Fred's Shed Fred's Shed, 2016, 10 min
Stephen Graves Yichen Wu Stephen Graves
Fred's Shed is a heartwarming comedy short film about communication
Independent Romance Short
Girls for Sale Girls for Sale, 2016, 0 min
Richard Lipman Brian Kaplan, Issa Mitchell, Richard Lipman, Roberto Gala...
Drama/Thriller looking at Human Trafficking
In Control In Control, 2016, 12 min
Andrew Ryland Andrew Ryland Andrew Ryland
Kent, United Kingdom
Psychological Thriller
Drama Experimental Fantasy Mystery Thriller Women
Cockroaches Cockroaches, 2016, 90 min
Christoffer Aldell
When the Pope is kidnapped, people plot, swindle, kill, and collide to get in on the ransom. A story about accepting who you are.