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Sat 10th Dec 16: AIFF Students Program

AIFF Announces the Winners of the Student Filmmakers Competition 2016

The Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF) is proud to announce the High School Student Award Winners of the 6th annual Festival that will be held at the Capitol Theatre, October 27-30. The awarded shorts were chosen by a jury that reviewed the 85 film submissions that competed in the categories of narrative, documentary, animation and experimental.
This year’s festival will feature great films produced by talented High School filmmakers from Massachusetts, New York, California, South Africa, Italy, Iran, Russia and Canada. AIFF is thrilled to share with you the winners of the 2016 Arlington International Film Festival Competition and Official Selections.

Best of Festival: ”Attached At The Soul”
A film about the bond between two kind souls of different backgrounds. It begins when they first met, charts their meaningful journey, and ends with their departure from this world, together. The film promotes friendship, diversity, equal rights, compassion, love and acceptance. Director - William Leon

Best Documentary: “Todo tiene su tiempo”/”Everything Has Its Time”
A woman opens up about her struggles and how her hard work manifested into her life’s accomplishments. According to AIFF Judge, Michael Mahin, "Todo tiene su tiempo" has been chosen as Best Doc for its simplicity, its technical efficiency, and its pertinent message. “In an age of growing anti-immigrant sentiment, the film acts as an important reminder that these are people, families, human beings who we are discussing. Without pretension or artifice, "Todo tiene su tiempo" explores what it means to make a new home in a new place with those closest to us.” Director - Marylyss Merida

Best Narrative: “Teach Me Fish”
A lonely boy obsessed with geology gets more than he asks for when he goes out on one of his daily rock hunts. Kevin Wetmore, AIFF Judge, speaks about the film; “It tells a cohesive visual story and is also very funny and likable. All of the performances work well, especially that of the alien visitor. The sound production, sound editing, and music choices all work wonderfully. The cinematography is also a highlight. All the shots seem carefully composed and there is a consistent style throughout the film. Overall this film is an accomplishment to be proud of, and the filmmakers should not hesitate to create new work.” Director - Asa Minter

Best Experimental: “I Don’t Need U”
A girl who grew up without her father writes a letter about her deepest and most sincere feelings about him. "With simple but elegant camerawork and effective voice-over narration, 'I Don't Need U' subtly but powerfully underscores the primordial bond between parent and child - and the pain that can be caused by the absence of this bond," said Michael Mahin. Director - Alyssa Peguero

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