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Mon 19th Jun 17: Norwich Radical Film Festival II – Coming 2018!

After a spectacular first year of earth-shaking cinema, the Norwich Radical Film Festival is back and open for submissions.

When we launched back in 2015, we announced ourselves as a true filmmaker’s festival – and last year we more than made good on that promise. We hosted independent filmmakers from all corners of the earth. Directors, actors and producers flew from as far as Brasil, Los Angeles, Austria, New Zealand – even Ipswich – to see their projects on the big screen – many of whom have since been selected for prestigious festivals around the world. In 2016 we featured Brasil as it hosted the Olympics, amid an ongoing coup, and continued social unrest – in which our winning feature Brasil Meu Amor was set. The country of focus this time will be the United States, a nation in turmoil after a shock election victory propelled the vicious privateer Donald Trump to the White House in 2016.

In 2018, the US has its first opportunity to strike back at their new President at the polls, through the mid-term elections, as such it is the perfect time for us to use film to examine the rifts and struggles in US society, as well as parallels with the Theresa May’s UK, and answer the question: what’s to be done? That is not to say that films focusing away from the States are not welcome though, and the NRFF will also return to champion any film that dares to do different – everything from documentaries that seek to raise awareness of the struggles of oppressed communities, to fiction that explores or questions cultural norms, or avant-garde filmmaking that challenges traditional cinematic techniques – and everything in between.

All we need now is you…

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