Web Series Festival Global

Thu 13th Jul 17: Have you made money on your Web Series? Online Seminar

3rd Annual Web Series Festival Global
Helping Creatives Shape the Future of TV
One hour online seminar https://filmfreeway.com/festival/WebSeriesFestivalGlobal/tickets

Have you made money on your Web Series yet?

Web video series can produce results — IF you strategize them intelligently.

In one hour, learn some awesome tips and how to avoid classic fails in web video series creation and exploitation. Frank Chindamo teaches web video at top schools including USC, UCLA, Chapman, Emerson and Columbia. His students are some of the world’s most successful, including 3-billion hitter FreddieW, 2-Emmy winner Bernie Su, and 5SecondFilms. His own www.FunLittleMovies.com have won 30+ awards and deals with Intel, Chevy, Walmart, etc., so he can teach this field because he knows it - and loves it. He loves launching and assisting creators, so are you ready to check it out? - Professor Frank Chindamo

Since 2004, Chindamo’s classes in web video have helped to launch the careers of web video filmmakers like Freddie Wong, who has garnered over a billion views on YouTube and has netted millions of dollars thus far for shows including YouTube’s “Video Game High School” and Hulu’s “Rocket Jump” and “Dimension 404.” Bernie Su, who worked in advertising until he took Chindamo’s class, has won two prime-time Emmy Awards for his web series including “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” raved about in Time Magazine.

This is a one hour online class July 29th only. Sign up today!

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