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Tue 2nd Jan 18: 2018 HISTORY FILM FESTIVAL Call for Submissions


For the 2nd year, the History Film Festival presented by Istra Film, will bring creators, diverse audiences, and the industry together in Rijeka, Croatia during the annual storytelling festival running September 5-9, 2018.

History Film Festival is a unique international festival of historical documentary films which will take place in Rijeka (Croatia, Europe) from September 5 to 9, 2018. History Film Festival aims at offering viewers and film experts an insight into contemporary film and TV production of historical documentary films, at the same time providing a place where film professionals can meet and share their creative ideas for future projects.

History Film Festival brings together and appraises the production of historical documentary films, a genre which lately attracts more and more followers. Among thousands of film festivals around the world, History Film Festival is one of a kind because no other festival deals exclusively with historical documentary films.

The programme of 2018 HFF consists of a competition programme and special thematic programmes (presentations of independent and TV productions, screenings of materials from film archives, specialized conferences, masterclasses, panels). Thematic conferences and seminars included in the programme of the Festival will be dedicated to mutual influences of film and history, to film production related to certain historical events and characters, to the status of film archives’ materials, to biographical film, etc. Besides historians and film authors, a significant role will be given to film magazines and their authors who will be offered to publish the discussions held at these meetings. Promotions of specialized and nonfictional books dealing with history and film will also be organized during the Festival.

Film authors and TV representatives attending the Festival in Rijeka, will also be invited to participate in workshops with a view to presenting their approach to historical documentaries to the students of the University of Rijeka and to the general public.

One day of the Festival will be dedicated to the presentations of a selected TV company and its documentary production. By introducing the themes and the production methods used, it will offer an opportunity to the film authors to present their projects to the representatives of that TV company and to possibly establish business relations with it.

Films of all lengths and years of production (divided in two main categories: independent production documentaries and documentaries produced by TV companies) can be submitted using Film Freeway, Withoutabox, Festhome or Sfilmmaker.com:
We are inviting you to take part in the Festival by submitting your history based documentary films and projects and would be greatful if you would be kind to share this information with people who might be interested in participating in History Film Festival. For further information regarding our Festival, please visit our web page at www.historyfilmfestival.com or contact us anytime.

Submissions are now opened for all sections of the Festival – independent production documentaries and documentaries produced by TV companies. Documentary films of all running times, regardless of their year of production, whose main topic is history – historical events and characters, can be entered.

Deadlines to submit projects for the 2018 History Film Festival are as follows:
EARLY DEADLINE...............15 January 2018
OFFICIAL DEADLINE...........15 February 2018
LATE DEADLINE...................15 March 2018
Submission rules, regulations, and complete information regarding eligibility for the 2018 History Film Festival are now available at http://www.historyfilmfestival.com/

EDITORS NOTE: Images and the catalogue of the 2017 History Film Festival can be found here for any photo or social needs: http://www.historyfilmfestival.com/
For a deeper insight into History Film Festival's previous edition, its organizers and participators' comments, please watch ''The Chronicles of History Film Festival'' on following links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XPoSltoB-c

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