Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF

Thu 1st Feb 18: Submission period for the 7th (AIDFF) ends on the 5th of February

The New Cinema addresses its call. Submission period for the 7th Athens’ International Digital Film Festival (AIDFF) ends on the 5th of February. The Festival promotes the idea of digital cinema and accepts films in the genres of fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, video art, video-dance and student films created with new digital media.

The Festival will take place on March 2017 at “Alkyonida” and “Studio”, the two Historical Cinemas of Athens. After the first selection the chosen films will be announced. The ones screened in the Competitive Section will compete for the following awards will be given to the winners during the festival ’s award ceremony: Best Short Film A, Best Short Film B, Best Short Film C, Best Documentary Cinema, Best Director, Best Stage Design, Best Video Art, Best Video, Animation, Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Music and honorary mentions.

Athens’ International Digital Cinema Festival stands as a meeting point for both the creators and the audience. AIDFF has achieved an alignment with the international developments in the cinema art, which is steadily moving towards its Digital Era, thus the respond by filmmakers from all over the world was enthusiastic.

The ergonomics and features of digital cameras and the endless possibilities of digital editing offer the filmmaker opportunities that used to be inaccessible in traditional filmmaking and inspire a vibrant community of millions of people all over the world who are interested in filmmaking, thus the seventh art still gets all the attention and pushes artists from other fields to experiment and explore using filmmaking’s tools, technology and perspective in order to create new species.

The festival will also give the Rising Star Award for the third time, in collaboration with the British MMBF Foundation. The festival is being held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and has been supported by the City of Athens.
The festival is organized by KOYINTA and Tickets Tickets and has partners and cultural correspondents in many cities in Greece and in various countries of the world.
Application Forms and Regulations can be found at the Festival's website

Applications will be accepted by the festival until February the 5th

The Artistic Director
Christos N. Karakasis

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