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Thu 5th Apr 18: The complete schedule of the films to be screened on the 6th April

An explosive screening session is about to take place on Friday, 6th April in the conference room on the second floor, in Vicolo Santa Maria Maggiore 1, in the so-called ZAP (Zona Aromatica Protetta), in the city centre of Florence. We are showing 15 astonishing short films among the over 350 which have already been sent to the management committee of the Festival.
The only American film to be screened during this session, 88 cents, truly stands out among the others. Directed by the young filmmaker Tyler Pina, it recounts the story of a man released from prison after serving five years who is in search of a second chance. Nonetheless, he won’t be able to start a new life in the fascinating city of San Francisco and he will end up becoming just another tramp among the 7.000 homeless people in town.
A few thriller and mystery films need to be mentioned too, such as the Greek film Màneki Neko and Black Mountains, together with the German language film directed by Daniel Andrew Wunderer, a filmmaker coming from Alto Adige. The film is meaningfully entitled Angst/Paura.

We are also showing three interesting Italian films: Departures, directed by Nicolas Morganti Patrignani, NO, directed by Marco Ferrari and the avant-garde film Super Zanni Trust, directed by Osea Cipriani. In addition, the drama film Aamira, shot in the hellish strand near Calais, addresses the unfortunately popular migration issue, that is the ordeal experienced by many people who land in Europe escaping war. Doubtless, the audience will find many other interesting surprises among the films we are showing.

Below you shall find the complete schedule of the screenings to be held on Friday, 6th April:
88 cents, directed by Tyler Pina (Usa 2017) min.37.28
Aamir, directed by Vika Evdokimenko (FR 2017) min. 16.22
Angst/Paura, directed by Daniel Andrew Wunderer (IT 2017) min. 27.00
Black mountains, directed by Joachim Neef (UK 2016) min. 28.12
Departures, directed by Nicolas Morganti Patrignani (IT 2017) min. 16.42
Eyes, directed by Maria Laura Moraci (IT 2018) min. 13.00
Hands free, directed by John Addis & Matt Bowron (UK 2018) min. 07.54
Heritage, directed by Yuval Aharoni (Israel 2017) min. 25.00
Juan Gabriel is dead, directed by Tavo Ruiz (Mex 2018) min. 14.49
Like a good kid, directed by Arian Vazirdaftari (Iran 2018) min. 20.00
Lost in profile, directed by Dorit Passiep (Ger. 2017) min. 35.00
Maneki Neko, directed by Manolis Mavris (Gr. 2017) min. 18.51
Night, directed by Joosje Duk (NL 2017) min. 09.30
NO, directed by Marco Ferrari (IT 2018) min. 10.00
Super Zanni Trust, directed by Osea Cipriani (IT 2018) min. 11 .00

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