Manifesto Film Festival

Mon 16th Apr 18: Re Branding our Festival!

Manifesto Film Festival brings street fighting cinema to Amsterdam in 2018
● British film festival moves its showcase to Amsterdam
● Manifesto (formerly The Norwich Radical Film Festival) will host events at the EYE
Museum, Kriterion, Uitkijk and Arcam art house cinemas, among other venues
● Films screened from the 25-28th of May to include memorial screening of George A.
Romero ​Dead ​series, alongside radical independent cinema from around the world
Originally hosted in East England’s largest city, the Manifesto Film Festival (formerly known as the Norwich Radical Film Festival) is bringing its earth-shaking, ground-breaking, world-changing brand of cinema to Amsterdam in 2018. Boasting subversive and thought-provoking films from across the globe, Manifesto will be hosting a series of screenings and events across the Dutch capital city between the 25-28th of May.
The organization is working with local groups to create a grass-roots community experience, as well as with filmmakers and international movie academics far and wide, to craft a home for films that you won’t see anywhere else. The programme of original movies will meanwhile be accompanied by a commemorative screening of George A. Romero’s celebrated and subversive ​Dead ​trilogy, following the news of the horror auteur’s passing, last year.
Manifesto will also host a curated programme from Steve Armor, an American film and audio-visual art curator, artist, and musician based in Amsterdam. As the director and head curator of the Amsterdam Film eXperience (AFX), founded in 2005, he specializes in new media, multi-media, video art, live cinema, and experimental film. With the tagline 'Breaking Out of the Frame', AFX is focused on cinematic experiences, delivering immersive and visceral screening programs, installations, and performances.
Screenings will take place in cinemas all over Amsterdam, including the cooperative art house cinema Kriterion, CREA, Cinema Uitkijk and ARCAM, however, beyond providing an arena for underrepresented Indy films to reach audiences through, Manifesto also seeks to promote an atmosphere for like-minded people to socialize and have fun. Radical film is about engaging with people, inspiring them to question and challenge the status-quo, because without an audience, without people, film is nothing. The weekend-long event will therefore feature a host of creative workshops, with attending filmmakers offering advice to enthusiasts hoping to take up cameras for themselves, on top of socials, and networking events, to help attendees engage with the independent film industry as fans, or as future artists.

Professor Alexandra Nakelski, a co-founder and Director of Programming for Manifesto, said, “Our festival is best summed up by film theorist and legend Sergei Eisenstein in believing that cinema as art can change behavior by changing perception and is a tool for revolution.”
Fellow co-founder and Festival Director, Jack Brindelli, added, “In an industry flooded with one-size-fits-all festivals with no room for edge, subversion, or wit, we pride ourselves in being different. We are extremely excited to bring our amazing event to Amsterdam - an extraordinary city, steeped in a history of doing things differently, which sees it remain a world leader in culture to this day.”
Manifesto Film Festival
In 2016 the Norwich Radical Film Festival was established by cinema academic Professor Alexandra Nakelski and journalist Jack Brindelli, in order to promote and support filmmakers locally, nationally, and internationally. The inaugural event was a roaring success, with the group being voted into the Top 100 Best Reviewed film festivals on Film Freeway as a result.
Following the Brexit vote of that same year, however, the festival’s co-founders sought more tolerant and open climes, relocating the organization to Amsterdam in order to ensure continued easy access for European filmmakers, amid an uncertain future. Now rebranded as Manifesto, based in the capital city of the Netherlands, the independent film festival is continuing its quest to democratize cinema, and champion those whose voices are often ignored, through groundbreaking radical film.

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