Vertical Film Festival

Thu 4th Oct 18: 3rd Vertical Film Festival — now calling for vertical video entries

The 3rd Vertical Film Festival will be held in Katoomba, in Australia’s Blue Mountains, on Saturday 8 December 2018.

The formula is the same as when we launched the world’s first competition for vertical film & video in October 2014: entries in high definition video of up to 3 minutes, created and delivered vertically (9:16) for tall-screen projection in front of an audience, on any theme, in any genre, pushing the creative possibilities of vertical filmmaking. Finalist films will be available online.

In 2014 it was just beginning; now vertical videos are on the cusp of going mainstream. But a lot of it is just widescreen “content” cropped vertically :-(
We want to see how filmmakers explore the inherent possibilities of tall-screen. If you're an independent filmmaker or artist and the vertical format is essential to your creative vision then this competition is for you!

Conditions of entry and an online entry form are now on our website:
(No entry fee; screening details and prizes to be confirmed; videos to be submitted via Vimeo.)
Entries close Sunday 18 November, 2018.

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