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Sun 10th Mar 19: David Bowie Is App, Teen Sensation Gigi V Cesare and NBC Left Fields Recycler Early lineup for 10th Annual New Media Film Festival

David Bowie Is App, Teen Sensation Gigi V Cesare and NBC Left Fields Recycler Early lineup for 10th Annual New Media Film Festival

“It is the tenth anniversary of New Media Festival, the event to end all events, as it is decidedly new step forward in helping the world recognizes content creators across the entire technological landscape.”

Los Angeles, California– New Media Film Festival is slated to celebrate its 10th anniversary on June 4-6, 2019 at The Landmark W. Pico, and has been an event that celebrates innovation and stories in a multitude of media platforms. Almost every kind of content creator has a place in order to showcase their talents and accomplishment in the event, and with time, it has only improved and grown bigger to provide more opportunities.

This installment is gearing up to be the most impressive, and ambitious in terms of both attracting participants, as well as providing rewards and opportunities. In total, almost $45,000 would be given away in prizes across 20+ categories with FOX, Marvel, HBO and Emmys judges.

The final deadline to submit is April 3rd. 2019. The early line-up includes these stellar World Premieres:

David Bowie Is App, World Premiere
Director: Nick Dangerfield
Country: USA
Running time: 3:00 World Premiere!
The official augmented reality adaptation of the legendary exhibition introduced and narrated by David Bowie’s close friend and Oscar winner, Gary Oldman. David Bowie is allows users to explore the full museum of over 400 objects and songs in stunning detail, without glass barriers or crowds of visitors. App Category.

Teen Sensation Gigi V Cesare performing a song off her new album opening night June 4 2019.
Country: USA
Running time: 5:00 World Premiere!
13 year old recording artist and actress Gigi V Cesare will be performing her newest release in the Opening Night Programming for the 10th Annual New Media Film Festival June 4th 2019.

Director: Carlos P. Beltran
Country: USA
Running time: 6:00 World Premiere!
For some, recycling is about being environmentally conscious. For others, like Juan, plastic bottles and aluminum cans are a means to survival. A California plastic and scrap metal collector who is currently homeless, Juan depends on these containers to feed his family. Produced by NBC Left Field

The Festival first came into being in 2009 with respect to Second Life as an essential part of C3-United Nations-Millennium Project, and the very first New Media Film Festival occurred in 2010 repeating each installment annually. From the very start, the event has celebrated technology with story bringing the attention and audience to content creators who are innovative in terms of the ever growing state of technology all across the world. The festival, however, includes other forms, making it impossible to ignore by anyone looking to make their mark upon the New Media industry.
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Address: The Landmark, 10850 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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