Universal Martial Arts Film Festival

Mon 15th Apr 19: Universal martial arts film festival 2019


Short film - 24 minutes - Israel - 2017
Director Niv Bilman, Michael Stoliar
Producer Uri Yerushalmi
Key Cast Shai Ben Dov, Rachel Gaon, Amir Keren

SYNOPSIS : Daniel is a master of the Japanese martial art of Kendo. But despite his prowess in battle, he has trouble fitting in, as he leads a secluded life of training in a Dojo in the rural north. One day he meets Shani, a young Kendo fighter from the city, and the two share an intimate night together and get to know each other. They dance, and Daniel experiences a whole new world of sensations and feelings. The next day the two face an entirely different dance – opposing one another in the ring.


Wu Qi Dao
Animation, Short - 1 minutes - France - 2017
Director Jules Bourgès, Cécile Guillard, Nathan Harbonn-Viaud, Antoine Vignon, Benjamin Warnitz
Producer Moïra Marguin, école Gobelins

SYNOPSIS : In a martial arts boarding school in northern China, a little girl fights to be a champion.


The Soul Within
Documentary - 17 minutes - Brunei Darussalam - 2018
Director Drablo Max
Producer Drablo Max


Short film - 14 minutes - Switzerland - 2018
Director Moreno Cabitza
Producer ECAL - School of Arts of Lausanne
Key Cast Flavia Potenza, Roman Grosso, Celia Muñoz

SYNOPSIS : In a school class, some students exchange complicit glances. Silent and calm on the surface, a world of mockery and fury is hidden in their telephone conversations through their devices that they hide subtly.
So when 'the new girl' arrives in the classroom, it is for them a new prey to indulge in.


Short film - 8 minutes - England - 2016
Director Samuel Smith
Producer Bartberry Logan, Samuel Smith
Key Cast David Cheung, Lauren Clinch, Brandon Ly, Bartberry Logan, Samuel Smith

SYNOPSIS : A father struggles to protect his family against the terror of the Tengu, bird-men of the mountains.

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