Giovanny Blanco, Woodland Hills, United States

About Giovanny
Hello, mi gente. My name is Giovanny Blanco. I'm a filmmaker (director/writer/editor) and a musician but more importantly I love movies. Movies and music are my life (note to self: got to get through more books). It's my fuel. These are crazy times we live in; the music industry is upside down and the movie industry is sideways. The way we take in these things has changed dramatically as well. Some things have changed but some things have stayed the same.

A lot of what hasn't changed has to do with how exclusive Hollywood is when it comes to people they let in. It's all about the red velvet ropes. Not everyone who makes movies or music wants to go that route anyway but sometimes the only other option is anonymity and obscurity. So many of you, so many of us are working hard doing great things but the lights don't always shine our way. Maybe it's because the color of our skin or where we came from or maybe it's our sex or the way we sex. Maybe it's because we're broke or maybe we come from money but it doesn't define us. Maybe we're just a little different than the usual. Agism, sexism, racism, ableism, BS-ism.

I started CineBodega because I feel that as an artist I want to shine a light on the things that move me and inspire me. On the artists that are working hard and going against the norm to express themselves. To those who don't quit because they can't stop. To the works that make me scream or leave me stunned or better yet...inspire me to be better.

I am of Dominican heritage which makes me a Latino (insert stereotype here). So, don't kill me if on CineBodega things lean more on all things Spanglish. I do want to make this clear: CineBodega is open for everybody. We're the neighborhood corner store when you can get what you need, get some of "that feel". Let's just keep it positive. Let's begin this conversation. I'm not interested in what's wrong with Hollywood, I'm interested in how can we do what what we're capable of. How can we express ourselves? Let's help each other.

If this whole endeavor seems selfish on my part, it is. I'm out there doing this with very hard working people I call familia and we're trying to get more eyes, ears and hearts in on this. But there is nothing that gets me going like knowing that people like me are getting things done. Not in an everyday, just getting by kind of way but in an "oh, my God" I'm going to lose everything kind of way. It's inspiring. Let's do this. Together.

Festival involvement
CineBodega Film Fest