Daniel Ryves, Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Cast involvement
Ex lover of Freddie Mercury
2018 Bohemian Rhapsody
Bad guy wife beater who eventually gets murdered by her.
2018 Grill King
I played the role of a diner.
2018 The Good Liar
I played the role of a Dad going to collect his kids from the airport.
2018 Spider Man - Far From Home
I played the role of guy who drugs his date in an attempt to kill her.
2018 The Last Horror Show
I played the role of an animated parade visitor
2018 Downton Abbey
I played an office worker
2016 Fortvna
I played a lout at a boxing match, yelling by the ringside
2016 The Pugalist
I played a drug dealer, nasty person
2016 Adina
I played the role of a press reporter, questioning Dorothea Puente about life in prison, whilst also trying to get some more information about her crimes.
2016 World's Most Evil Killers
I played an uncomfortable guy being interviewed by a very suggestive nun
2016 Sister Ann
I played the main role in this quirky film, a lot of unusual events popping up which led me freaking out and making a run for it
2016 All Good Inc
I played the role of a strange killer
2016 The Meeting
I played the lead character in this bizarre comedy. Accidentally getting dragged into a gun point robbery
2016 Audition
I played Jason Thorpe's body double
2016 Verity
I played a chip shop customer. Had improv scenes, plus a part with dialog.
2016 15 Minutes of Fame