Busan International Short Film Festival

Busan International Short Film Festival
Bureau 607, Centum venture town 6F
41, Centum dong-ro, Woo2-dong, Haeundae-gu
Busan, Korea

Tel: +82-(0)51-742-9600
Fax: +82-(0)51-701-9660


Action Adaptation Adventure Advertising Animation Art-house Asian Black Black Comedy Bollywood Children Comedy Crime Documentary Drama Experimental Fantasy Foreign Language French Gay and Lesbian Hindi Historical Horror Independent Jewish Music Video Musical National Reality Religious Romance Science Fiction Short Silent Sport Student Thriller War Western Women

Festival Overview

The purpose of the Busan International Short Film Festival(BISFF) is to actively discover and introduce the outstanding short film directed from around the world. We ask for your big supports and attentions.


[Official Competition Sections]
1) Short Film Section: films within 30 minutes (films of all genres)
2) Medium-length Film Section: medium-length films (30~60 minutes)
(films of all genres)
3) Extreme-Short Film Section: films of all genres (fiction, documentary, experimental, animation & films shot by mobile phone) within 3 minutes
※ Running time of each section is inclusive of ending credits.
※ Films winning prizes or screening before on other Festival can be submitted.

- 1 First Grand Prize (approximately 9,500 USD with trophy)
- 1 Excellence for best picture (approximately 4,700 USD with trophy)
- 1 Best picture (approximately 2,800 USD with trophy)
- 4 Excellences of each category (approximately 900 USD with trophy)
(The categories are Fiction, Documentary, Experimental Film and Animation.)

※ Other prizes will be noticed afterwards.
※ The details of each prize could be modified.


Open to the public

Anyone who makes films

- Short films, medium-length films, ans extreme-short films of all genres (fiction, documentary, experimental, animation & films shot by mobile phone)
- Film(8mm, 16mm, 35mm)& Digital

There are no entry fees associated with this festival

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26th Jan 2013 Call for Entries  
22nd Jan 2012 Submission deadline  
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Bisff 2013 Program
Primary contact
Minchol Cha
Senior programmer