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Topshop Returns Topshop Returns, 2017, 12 min
Iphgenia Baal Gigi Giannuzzi
London, United Kingdom
anti-consumerist propaganda
Art-house Horror
The Mill at Calder's End The Mill at Calder's End, 2017, 13 min
Kevin McTurk Tamsyn Hunnewell
Los Angeles, United States
In this gothic puppet tale, Nicholas Grimshaw has returned home to unearth the dark secret of the Mill at Calder's End.
Animation Art-house Asian Black Comedy Documentary
May Jawan May Jawan, 2016, 4 min
Translation: Our Youth
Kamalan Bebagr Kamalan Bebagr Kamalan Bebagr
Turbat, Pakistan
About youth about their bad habits.
655 655, 2016, 10 min
Paloma Negra Negra Paloma, Palomita de Maiz
random domestication
Dog Dog, 2016, 117 min
Serhiy Savchenko
lviv, Ukraine
absurd animation about fliing dog
The Fight The Fight, 2016, 13 min
Keith Mannix Carla Manatan, Keith Mannix
Bohol, Philippines
Cockfighting - the Filipino's frenzied passion
Bowl Drones Bowl Drones, 2016, 5 min
Christine Southworth Christine Southworth
Lexington, Massachusetts, United States
Study of Drones in Color and Sound
Experimental Independent Music Video Short
The Chest That Cradled The Chest That Cradled, 2016, 353 min
Luke Harkus-Jeffries Luke Harkus-Jeffries
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Dinners ready!
Animation Black Comedy Comedy Experimental Horror
Soirée à la girafe Soirée à la girafe, 2016, 30 min
Translation: An Evening à la girafe
Pim Dinghs Geert Dinghs, Pim Dinghs Pim Dinghs
Brussels, Belgium
The appearance of a graceful giraffe captures the dreamy imagination of a lonesome marquise
Art-house Fantasy French Historical Musical Romance
In her Eyes In her Eyes, 2015, 3 min
Georgia Chioni John Nolan
Athens, Greece
A woman is stunting between reality and dream, making her dream reality.
Drama Foreign Language Short
Goodbye Goodbye, 2015, 14 min
Rajat Saha Rajat Saha Rajat Saha
Kolkata, India
Sneha want to meet Abir after breakup.
Drama Romance
Przedpokoj do raju Przedpokoj do raju, 2015, 60 min
Translation: At the gates to paradise
Bogdan Lecznar, Dorota Petrus Bogdan Lecznar
Warsaw, United States
Jungle baroque music. Indian Vivaldi and Bach.
Documentary Musical Religious
Turup Chaal Turup Chaal, 2015, 15 min
Translation: Trump move
Sumeet Kumar Sumeet Kumar
New Delhi, United States
A man finds his money stolen from his bag when he is in the office of a loan shark
Crime Drama Hindi Short
A Piece of Me A Piece of Me, 2015, 6 min
Abhishek Anchliya 180degree films
Thomaston, ME, United States
A couple’s date night turns into something neither had expected.
Drama Independent Short
The Call The Call, 2015, 10 min
Sam Bell Sam Bell
Southsea, United Kingdom
A harrowing psychological horror about the effects of denying your own crimes.
Rest Your Soul Rest Your Soul, 2015, 21 min
Mark Doster Mark Doster
A restless college student accepts a part-time job...which brings him nothing but trouble as he becomes trapped inside a house of horror, ran by an evil-converted ex-Priest.
Horror Mystery Short Supernatural Thriller
A Day With A Slum Dweller A Day With A Slum Dweller, 2015, 6 min
Syed Mahfuzul Haque Syed Mahfuzul Haque
Dhaka, Bangladesh
A documentary focuses on the rise and fall of life of Abdul Aziz.
Asian Documentary Short
Sidetracked Sidetracked, 2015, 50 min
Francesco Bori Francesco Bori, Parmeet Arora Bori Francesco Bori
London, United Kingdom
Sidetracked is a film about freedom, exploration, self discovery and the haunting power of one\'s own mind.
Drama Independent Thriller
Saving Sasquatch Saving Sasquatch, 2015, 18 min
Alberto Lopez, Justin Minor Elyssa Gershman
Santa Barbara, CA, United States
Science estimates that roughly 200 species go extinct each day. So, what about the species that science hasn't found yet?
Documentary Educational Science Fiction Short Student
Le Rêve de Giuseppe Le Rêve de Giuseppe, 2015, 17 min
Translation: Giuseppe's Dream
Cédric Le Doré, Nicolas Bellaiche Nicolas Bellaiche
Paris, France
Pinocchio revisited
Fantasy Musical Short