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Rupees 500 Rupees 500, 2014, 12 min
location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Story Of A Porter
Asian Drama Foreign Language Independent Short
Juntos pela paz Juntos pela paz, 2014, 252 min
Translation: Together for Peace
location: Curitiba, Brazil
A meeting between Jews and Muslins in solidarity for Palestine.
Documentary Independent Short War
ON Silence ON Silence, 2013, 34 min
location: Tarnów, Poland
Conception of contemporary dance
Obcy w szkole Obcy w szkole, 2014, 1550 min
Translation: An Alien at School
location: Wroclaw, Poland
Strange events take place at a school after a student (who is interested in antropods) feels alienated.
Art-house Foreign Language Independent Science Fiction Short Thriller
Arthur & Anne Arthur & Anne, 2014, 5 min
Through their struggle to save a wounded cat, Athur and Anne are forced to face the reality of their relationship.
Art-house Experimental Independent Romance
In Transit In Transit, 2013, 7 min
Questions of love's relationship to happiness
Art-house Documentary
Fred Heads Fred Heads, 2014, 15 min
location: Winnipeg, Canada
Iconic children's performer Fred Penner has been thrilling young audiences for decades, but recently Fred started performing concerts for adults at universities, bars and pubs. See what happens when his long-time adult fans become children again.
Documentary Short
Glow Of The Firefly Glow Of The Firefly, 2014, 100 min
location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
poor farmers enter family lived in a signal room and during husband & wife's conjugal personal life child became know.
Asian Drama Foreign Language Independent Women
Nuns of Evil Nuns of Evil, 2013, 18 min
location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Hammer Horror spoof via psycho nuns!
Black Comedy Comedy Horror Religious Short Thriller
The Jet Movie The Jet Movie, 2012, 96 min
location: Los Angeles, United States
A field operative gathers energy fragments to build another Earth planet.
Action Adventure Experimental Independent Science Fiction
The Solipsist The Solipsist, 2014, 24 min
location: Saint Louis, United States
A jaded lawyer wakes up to find his life is constantly changing, every time he sleeps.
Drama Independent Romance Science Fiction Short Thriller
Sugar Vs Me Sugar Vs Me, 2014, 25 min
location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Sugar Vs Me - Documentary
Documentary Student
Do Without You Do Without You, 2014, 6 min
location: Manchester,
Do Without you
Music Video
Retroman Retroman, 2014, 212 min
Retroman is an excentric and unconventional hero
Action Animation Comedy
Tazkiyat Al Nafs Tazkiyat Al Nafs, 2014, 14 min
Translation: The purification of the soul
location: Cologne, Germany
When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you a joy
Experimental Short
Perpetrators or Victims? Perpetrators or Victims?, 2013, 35 min
Boko Haram, a Political Hoopla
Winning Formula Winning Formula, 2014, 95 min
Bet your bottom dollar
The Stillbrave 100 The Stillbrave 100, 2014, 16 min
100 miles for 100 children with cancer
Broken Hopes Broken Hopes, 2014, 16 min
location: Ganemulla, Sri Lanka
Relationship status;it's complecated
Asian Drama Experimental Foreign Language Independent Reality
Corn Cracker Corn Cracker, 2013, 38 min
location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Art robbery goes wrong.
Crime Horror