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The Unforgiven StandOff (Subtitles) The Unforgiven StandOff (Subtitles), 2014, 5 min
location: Leicester, United Kingdom
A film about guns and revenge
Action Crime Short
Città di Luce Città di Luce, 2014, 17 min
Translation: City of Light
location: Pisa, Italy
An important part of the festivities for San Ranieri in Pisa is the Luminara which takes place on the evening of June 16, the eve of the patron saint's feast day.
Documentary Historical
The Interpreter The Interpreter, 2013, 20 min
location: london, United Kingdom
Ramzi is an interpreter working in a London immigration court. When he unwittingly gets involved with a client, he realises his job comes with heavy responsibility. Faced with a moral dilemma, he must make a decision that might cost him his livelihood.
Short Student
Looking for Siraya Looking for Siraya, 2013, 2738 min
location: Taipei, Taiwan
It's about First image(by John Tomson) of Formosa ;our land & ancestors.
Documentary Experimental Foreign Language Historical Independent Short
Home Home, 2014, 23 min
location: London, United Kingdom
A domestic family separate due to immigration laws
Other order Other order, 2014, 2 min
behind the scene filming
Irme Irme, 2014, 1739 min
location: istanbul, Turkey
a sponge diving short movie, original scenario
L'Amore Corto L'Amore Corto, 2014, 10 min
Translation: Short Love
location: New York City, United States
An Italian love story in New York City
Comedy Foreign Language Independent Romance Short
Magdas Lesbian Lover - MLL Magdas Lesbian Lover - MLL , 2012, 8 min
location: London, United Kingdom
Love Hurts...
Black Gay and Lesbian Independent Short Women
Eviva Eviva, 2014, 16 min
location: ATHENS, Greece
Two friends meet after a long time in order to travel to another’s friend village to attend his funeral.
Comedy Independent Short
Budapest: An American Quest. A Family's Journey to 1920s Hungary Budapest: An American Quest. A Family..., 2013, 28 min
location: Budapest, Hungary
Two Americans met in 1920s Hungary. The filmmaker finds their 16mm romantic films & discovers her family's secret story.
Documentary Historical Independent Jewish Romance Short
La Reine La Reine, 2014, 7 min
location: Paris, France
While playing chess with Jacques, Elliot goes deep into his unconsciousness and finds his old memory.
The Unforgiven StandOff The Unforgiven StandOff, 2014, 5 min
location: Leicester, United States
A modern style spaghetti western short film
Action Crime Short
Olika lokal sakrä Olika lokal sakrä, 2013, 15 min
Translation: Different local things
10 episodes of different local things
Black Comedy Experimental
Tempo Tempo, 2014, 13 min
location: Cluj Napoca, Romania
What happens when all your emotional luggage comes with you?
Comedy Drama Fantasy Independent Romance Short
After The Snow After The Snow, 2014, 14 min
A young girl bonds with a homeless woman
Drama Short
The Tempest The Tempest, 2014, 7 min
John hasn't left his house in a while, until finally someone tries to break his routine and lead him outside. Will he gather the courage to follow them?
Exit Neverland Exit Neverland, 2014, 23 min
location: Aarhus, Denmark
Coming of age in a Danish Ghetto
Children Crime Drama Foreign Language Student
Presence Presence, 2014, 423 min
location: Mumbai, India
A Man talks about a presence that haunts him in his house
Drama Horror Independent Short Thriller
Dimensions Dimensions, 2014, 7 min
location: Istanbul, United States
In the beginning there were the shamans.
Animation Documentary Experimental Fantasy Historical Independent