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Desconocido Desconocido, 2017, 83 min
Translation: Unknown
cristian valencia cristian valencia
pichincha, Ecuador
es un joven que tiene un pesadilla y se da cuenta que es un pesadilla orible
Drama Ghost Student Teen
The Mill at Calder's End The Mill at Calder's End, 2017, 13 min
Kevin McTurk Tamsyn Hunnewell
Los Angeles, United States
In this gothic puppet tale, Nicholas Grimshaw has returned home to unearth the dark secret of the Mill at Calder's End.
Animation Art-house Asian Black Comedy Documentary
Topshop Returns Topshop Returns, 2017, 12 min
Iphgenia Baal Gigi Giannuzzi
London, United Kingdom
anti-consumerist propaganda
Art-house Horror
Betty Betty, 2016, 10 min
Rudy Cervantez Jared Termini, Nicole Pence, Rudy Cervantez, Sierra Robinson Rudy Cervantez
Denton, United States
A woman bullied by a clique of bake sale mean girls takes action.
Black Comedy Comedy Horror Student Women
Fomo Sapiens Fomo Sapiens, 2016, 7 min
Viktor Hertz Johann Skirnir Gustavsson Viktor Hertz
Uppsala, Sweden
"Fear of missing out" has reached a new level.
Black Comedy Comedy Short
Building No.13 Building No.13, 2016, 11 min
amir gholami amir gholami amir gholami
Human life in sewage system
Black Comedy Drama Independent Short
Distort Distort, 2016, 35 min
A young girl visits her old friend at his music studio. But this visit is not a normal one!
Drama Mystery Short
Kindred spirits Kindred spirits, 2016, 4 min
Alex Maximov Alex Maximov
Minsk, Belarus
The family is starting a long-simmering conversation as there’s no point in postponing it anymore.
Drama Family
Tharpothaya Nigazhvugal Tharpothaya Nigazhvugal, 2016, 12 min
Translation: Current affairs
Sivaraj Parameswaran Thallassery Parameswaran Sivaraj Parameswaran
Chennai, India
A talk about Current culture affairs in India
Asian Black Comedy Drama Experimental Reality Short
Dromology Dromology, 2016, 10 min
Michael Larsson Manolis Manousakis
Sparta, Greece
Velocity interpreted through improvised dance and music in the Greek mountains.
Experimental Independent Short
The Triangleheads The Triangleheads, 2016, 9 min
Valerie Rose Valerie Rose Valerie Rose
Minneapolis, Minnesota, International
Triangular shaped conjoined twins teach children about the power of the imagination.
Adventure Animation Black Bollywood Children Experimental
Mother Mother, 2016, 3 min
Kevin McGuiness Kevin McGuiness
St. Catharines, Canada
A young man asks for advice from his deceased mother.
Horror Short Student
Jours Intranquilles Jours Intranquilles, 2016, 29 min
Translation: Unquiet Days
Latifa Said Marcello Cavagna Latifa Said
Aubagne, France, France
Cabaret singer escapes Algeria during Civil War
Drama Short
Protonemesis Protonemesis, 2016, 8 min
Matt Lovell Matt Lovell
London, United Kingdom
An aspiring scientist neglects his family. His youngest son is continuously tormented by his brother. However when a dangerous experiment goes terribly wrong, the balance of power will shift in a very unexpected way.
Drama Fantasy Horror Independent Science Fiction Thriller
My Nature My Nature, 2016, 75 min
Gianluca Loffredo, Massimiliano Ferraina Gianluca Loffredo Massimiliano Ferraina, Simone di Giacomantonio
Escaping from personal cages
Documentary Gay and Lesbian
Going Back Going Back, 2016, 6 min
Philip Gostelow Philip Gostelow Vanessa Trento
Turin, Italy
A woman returns to her native Italy and while traveling to reconnect with family experiences some unexpected insights
Documentary Drama Independent
The Culprit The Culprit, 2016, 20 min
Sushant Mishra Swati Jha
Mumbai, India
A psychological thriller with nail biting moments.
Horror Thriller
Lunch Lunch, 2016, 2 min
Philip Gostelow Philip Gostelow
Zhou He, China
A mother and daughter have lunch in the depths of winter in the village in Inner Mongolia.
Documentary Experimental Short
Who dies Who dies, 2016, 12 min
Mumbai, India
War and peace
Drama Experimental Short
Bhavanda Bhavanda, 2016, 13 min
sandeep brahmbhatt film and television institute of India FTII sandeep brahmbhatt
The disappearance of his younger cousin Aditya whom he hated the most, Bittu has to find his younger brother and the situation takes a dramatic turn.
Children Short Student