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Topshop Returns Topshop Returns, 2017, 12 min
Iphgenia Baal Gigi Giannuzzi
London, United Kingdom
anti-consumerist propaganda
Art-house Horror
The Mill at Calder's End The Mill at Calder's End, 2017, 13 min
Kevin McTurk Tamsyn Hunnewell
Los Angeles, United States
In this gothic puppet tale, Nicholas Grimshaw has returned home to unearth the dark secret of the Mill at Calder's End.
Animation Art-house Asian Black Comedy Documentary
Birds Season Birds Season, 2016, 1 min
Mohammad Reza Khavari Mohammad Reza Khavari Mohammad Reza Khavari
Tehran, Iran
Birds Season
Documentary Experimental Independent Short Silent
Purple Hill Purple Hill, 2016, 28 min
Tony Gardner Tony Gardner Tony Gardner
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
A young woman uncovers answers to how her sister died
Drama Short Thriller
May Jawan May Jawan, 2016, 4 min
Translation: Our Youth
Kamalan Bebagr Kamalan Bebagr Kamalan Bebagr
Turbat, Pakistan
About youth about their bad habits.
655 655, 2016, 10 min
Paloma Negra Negra Paloma, Palomita de Maiz
random domestication
Dog Dog, 2016, 117 min
Serhiy Savchenko
lviv, Ukraine
absurd animation about fliing dog
The Fight The Fight, 2016, 13 min
Keith Mannix Carla Manatan, Keith Mannix
Bohol, Philippines
Cockfighting - the Filipino's frenzied passion
Bowl Drones Bowl Drones, 2016, 5 min
Christine Southworth
Lexington, Massachusetts, United States
Study of Drones in Color and Sound
Experimental Independent Music Video Short
Às voltas com o Tricot Às voltas com o Tricot, 2016, 36 min
Translation: Grappling with the Knitting
José Simões José Simões
Porto, Portugal
This is a story of stories of a middle age couple around knitting.
Documentary Experimental Family
The Chest That Cradled The Chest That Cradled, 2016, 353 min
Luke Harkus-Jeffries Luke Harkus-Jeffries Luke Harkus-Jeffries, Michael Johnston
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Dinners ready!
Animation Black Comedy Comedy Experimental Horror
Draft Eight Draft Eight, 2016, 10 min
Chris Chalklen Marie Manning
London, United Kingdom
'Draft Eight' centres on an elderly author's struggle to come to terms with his life's regrets, as he wrestles with a character from his latest novel.
Art at Heart Art at Heart, 2016, 46 min
Yennengee Narendher Goud Naguloori Dept. Of Language and Culture Govt. Of Telangana Yennengee Narendher Goud Naguloori
Hyderabad, India
Rhythmic Life of Koyas
Neron Neron, 2016, 90 min
Mitesh Patel Mitesh Kumar Patel, Mitesh Patel
Los Angeles, United States
New mom battles the evil lurking within as her adulterous husband hides a dark secret that may lead to the human extinction.
Action Crime Drama Fantasy Ghost Horror
Run Hard Run Hard, 2016, 11 min
Ahmet Kiran Ahmet Kiran, Yaşar Arif Karagülle
Istanbul, Turkey
An action film goes totally wrong
Action Art-house Black Comedy Fantasy Short Student
Kurung Manuk Kurung Manuk, 2016, 112 min
Translation: Manuk's Cage
Sigit Pradityo Sigit Pradityo Rosa Serena, Sigit Pradityo
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manuk is a man who never comes out from his room
Art-house Asian Comedy Crime Experimental Fantasy
Das sprichwörtliche Glück Das sprichwörtliche Glück, 2016, 5 min
Translation: Proverbial luck
Dave Lojek Dave Lojek
Graz, Austria
A romantic comedy about odd neighors is illustrated with German idioms
Comedy Foreign Language Independent Romance Women
Photograph Photograph, 2016, 5 min
Brian Stynes Brian Stynes Brian Stynes
Cork, Ireland
Vinnie's TV music video Photograph
Ghost Horror Music Video Supernatural
Hills before Valleys Hills before Valleys, 2016, 13 min
Lawrence Lannoo Lawrence Lannoo Lawrence Lannoo
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Her loss. His pain.
Horror Independent Mystery Supernatural
Putting Up with it Putting Up with it, 2016, 8 min
Kahil Dotay Kahil Dotay John Hager
Ashland, United States
A couple tries to work through their troubles
Black Comedy Comedy Women