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Taking it for granted Taking it for granted, 2014, 20 min
location: New York, United States
A film about family.
Gay and Lesbian Short
Romantic Evening Romantic Evening, 2014, 3 min
location: Antofagastas, United States
Romantic evening gone wrong
Black Comedy Comedy Horror Independent Romance Short
Eyvallah Eyvallah, 2015, 8 min
Translation: Goodbye
location: istanbul, Turkey
a dying traditional lite puppetering and a puppeterers life
Children Drama Independent Short Student TV
if we have Lovemeters if we have Lovemeters, 2013, 45 min
location: Kochi, India
The story of a Tamilian and his family who is living in a dam area.
Art-house Asian Reality Women
Ouija Ouija, 2016, 90 min
A group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears
Annabelle Annabelle, 2016, 99 min
A pigtailed doll possessed by a demon threatens a young couple with a newborn baby.
The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countr..., 2016, 112 min
American-Romanian psychological romantic comedy-drama
Nightcrawler Nightcrawler, 2016, 117 min
A pulse-pounding thriller set in the nocturnal underbelly of contemporary Los Angeles.
I feel great I feel great, 2014, 41 min
When illness betrays...
Black Comedy Drama
Sonda o mężczyznach Sonda o mężczyznach, 2014, 3000 min
Translation: Survey About Men
location: Brzeg Dolny, Poland
What do women want? The film offers an opportunity to find out about their expectations and dreams.
Documentary Independent Short Women
La part des anges La part des anges, 2014, 2848 min
Translation: The angels' share
location: Poitiers, France
Time to check the load
French Independent Reality
Proavlio Proavlio, 2014, 945 min
Translation: Schoolyard
location: Athens, Greece
"School's out for summer, school's out forever, school's been blown to pieces"
Children Experimental Independent Short Student Women
Defense Mechanism Defense Mechanism, 2014, 11 min
What would you do if the one you love asks you to do the unthinkable... And you only have minutes to decide?
Drama Experimental Horror Romance Short Thriller
Take a trip Take a trip, 2014, 30 min
location: UK, Greece
Uk shooting
Venezia Oltremare Venezia Oltremare, 2014, 35 min
a sailing boat trip fom Venice to Istanbul
Say a Little Prayer Say a Little Prayer, 2014, 22 min
location: Suva, Fiji
The tale of a battered woman
Drama Independent Short Women
Casal Parroquial Casal Parroquial, 2014, 10 min
Translation: Parish House
location: Arenys de Mar, Spain
Jana Is a fanatic girl of horror movies
Horror Independent Science Fiction Short Thriller
The Magic Wolf The Magic Wolf, 2014, 1 min
location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Magic Wolf uses sound images to reach sensory intuitions, for different directions that perception leads us.
Hladnokrvno Hladnokrvno, 2014, 23 min
Translation: Coldblooded
location: Zagreb, Croatia
Three friends must survive in cold post-apocalyptic world.
Action Adventure Drama Independent Romance Short
Aa nisi lo Aa nisi lo, 2014, 31 min
Translation: In that night
location: Hyderabad, India
Unlikely Story of a night
Drama Thriller